Praneeth Guduguntla

I’m a developer and student at UIUC.

Some things I'm good at.

Mobile/Web Development

React, React Native, HTML/CSS/JS, Android SDK, Swift


Mobile and web frontend design. Proficient with Sketch, Figma, Illustrator.

Boostrap, MaterialUI, TailwindCSS

Backend Development

REST API, PostgreSQL,Express, Node.js, Flask, Cloud Firestore/Firebase

Machine Learning

OpenCV, Python, Intel Realsense, NLP


Proficient in Java, JavaScript, Python (4+ years experience)

Familiar with C++


Served as ASB treasurer @ Cupertino High (2019-2020)

President @ Cupertino Robotics

Featured Projects

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Spotify Party

Created chrome extension with 1300+ users for Spotify that allows users to sync playlists with their friends. Users can create rooms and invite their friends to join!

Check out my landing page →
Add SpotifyParty to Chrome →

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PBJ Thoughts/Adventures

A blog application build with React frontend and Node.js backend where my friends and I shared our experiences.

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An education platform for teachers and students that makes virtual learning and teaching easier.

View the submission →
View the NLP server source code →

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Landing Page (Homeroom)

A simple landing page for our Homeroom web application. This project won the Web Dev Challenge at HackIllinois.

Check my Github for more projects.